Business ICT

Knowledge is power

The knowledge ingrained in individuals is key to many businesses, but getting that shared across an organisation to drive ultimate effectiveness is often overlooked.  Microsoft’s Office 365 suite is often thought of as an email platform, or “Word and Excel”, but offers so much more.  From Sharepoint, OneDrive and OneNote, through Skype for Business and Yammer, to the latest offering, Teams, the collaboration-focussed “freebees” that come with an Office subscription offer arguably more value to a modern organisation than the traditional core product for which it’s known.

Of course having the tools to hand is no use without knowing how to deploy them, and how to leverage them effectively.  Bytz can not only migrate or set up your email to Office 365’s Exchange-based infrastructure with presence, shared mailboxes, calendaring, and huge 50Gb mailboxes with reliable cross-device synchronisation;  and/or deploy the desktop suite of apps with ever up-to-date installations of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote and Access;  but we can also work with you go drive effectiveness from your organisation’s knowledge (and manage your files), through customised deployments of Sharepoint, OneDrive and OneNote, and messaging applications Skype for Business, Yammer and Teams.

Need to set up conference calls with external parties?  No problem, the Conferencing add-on for Office 365 will give you PSTN dial-in capability across the globe for meetings of up to 250 attendees.

Email + Office

Bytz can deploy and manage Office 365 for your organisation, using any of the commercially available products at competitive rates as a Microsoft Partner Network member and Indirect Reseller:

  • Office 365 Business Essentials provides a 50GB primary mailbox per user (plus the ability to establish additional shared mailboxes), + 1Tb OneDrive storage per user, 1Tb “shared” Sharepoint storage, and access to collaboration tools including Skype and Yammer.  Plus access to the web-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  From £4.50/user/month.
  •  Office 365 Business provides the desktop Office applications on PC or Mac (Access is for Windows only), including full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and Access;  and 1Tb OneDrive per user.
  • Office 365 Business Premium combines the benefits of both, from £9.80/user/month.

In additional we can offer additional services, such as dial-in PSTN conferencing or full VoIP PSTN access for Skype for Business;  Microsoft’s or 3rd party advanced threat protection and antivirus;  or Exclaimer for Office 365, which provides centrally managed standardised email signatures across teams, departments and the enterprise, regardless of client device.  Perfect for campaign management and branding focus.

Secure Managed Storage

Do you have sleepness nights worrying about data loss…. your business’ crown jewels…. or have you not even thought about it?  Either way, we can ensure you have a secure reliable solution to access your data anywhere, at any time.

From media agencies needing fast local storage with onsite NAS or SAN for high-bandwidth, high-volume video, to completely cloud-based solutions from Microsoft, Amazon or other suppliers, we can deliver the right solution for you.  We can ensure your cloud-based storage (OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange/Office365) is backed up locally to a device you control;  or your local primary storage is reliably backed up using 3-2-1 principles to remote devices and/or the cloud.

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